Monday, March 28, 2011

(44) Fixing it Up

Sometimes my sojourn swings into other territories that are not
necessarily "spiritual," but than again maybe they are in a different
kind of way. Living in a century-old (or more) Craftsman house,
designed by Greene & Greene during the Arts and Crafts Era,
I've spent a lot of time landscaping the property. The house
remains in pretty good shape, made of redwood, painted in
creamy Navajo White with Cherokee Rock trim, we decided to
stain the front porch a complimentary Aztec Red. Happily the
effort turned out just fine. And it gave me an excuse to brighten
the porch further with lovely pink ceramic pots replete with orange
and red flowers. And our new doormat is a splash of colors that
surely attracts the eye.

Recently I wrote a journal in which I made mention my "Sensate
Side," taking note my propensity for beautiful interior decor as
well as attractive outdoor living. And I realized how important
the sense of Beauty is when it comes to any sort of spiritual life.
It's not all deep thought and meditation, it's more--at least for me--
a well-rounded effort in living out the daily, if you will, in pleasant
and creative ways.